Repeal of SB26 to protect the Permanent Fund from budget shortfalls

I believe in the Original Statutory formula and the payout of previous PFD’s that the legislature stole from Alaskans. This should start with the repeal of SB26 that allows the people’s PFD to be pulled into the state budget to cover “shortfalls.” 

I believe we can accomplish this by building a team of Alaska fighters in the Senate, and the House, both state and federal. By voting out RINO’s and Democrats that have tried to destroy Alaska and our unique ways of life, a once prosperous state, has turned into a vacuum for corruption, foreign and domestic. 

I’m not heading down to Juneau to make any friends, and I don’t expect any Christmas cards from them, either. We need to get rid of SB 26 immediately. Vote for Walter Jones for a full PFD plus pay back with interest! It should never be in the budget. They did not design it to be in the budget! Thank you, Governor Walker, for that! The Permanent Fund needs to be enshrined in the Alaska constitution, otherwise our future generations won’t have one.

Will you endorse Walter Jones?

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