Alaska Leads Nation Third in Corruption

There is no reason to sugarcoat this. Alaska’s political establishment has failed Alaskans. They have zero accountability to the constituents they represent, which leaves Alaskans with a highly ineffective government. From ignoring the cries of citizens on voter irregularities, ballot harvesting, and severely bloated voter rolls, to stealing Alaskans’ PFD’s, while ignoring the original statutory formula and pay out previous PFD’s that the legislature stole from Alaskans.

Alaskans have watched their corrupt governments tyrannical attacks on our constitutional rights, with little being said with federal government overreach, some cheered it. We’ve lost lives, businesses, and our children’s’ education due to government overstepping the boundaries set by both the constitution of the United States, and the Alaska Constitution. All with very few speaking on behalf of their constituents.  We can overcome these hardships, but we must elect Patriots willing to stand up with the few True Alaska politicians. Together, as a team, Alaska can be prosperous once more.

Will you endorse Walter Jones?

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