Unfettered immigration hurts Alaskans! (Video)

It is likely that many of you do not realize the impact of immigration. Most of you are probably unaware that the Biden Regime has brought in 300,000 visa holders into the United States last year alone, on top of the millions who have crossed our border.

“Last year, my administration set a record — we issued more than 300,000 H-2 visas for Mexican workers,” Biden said. “We also reached a five-year high in the visas we issued to Central Americans, and we’re on pace to double this in … this fiscal year for Central America.”

Biden Brags About Importing ‘Record’ Foreign Workers to Compete Against Americans for Jobs

Many of you do not realize that these 300,000 are offered grants to start-up businesses that are TAX FREE for 10 years, so they can send most of the money they earn home.

“Did you know that there are more than 3.2 million immigrant entrepreneurs in the United States? Even more impressive is that immigrants boast $1.2 trillion in spending power and employ nearly 8 million people. With immigrants launching twice as many businesses per capita as native-born Americans, it’s clear they are a driving force within the small business sector.”

6 Business Grants for Immigrants

It is important to keep in mind that Americans are not offered these opportunities. Think about this for a minute: What if Americans were given these opportunities and resources to start a business, TAX FREE, for 10 years? What impact would that have on our inner cities? Americans may become prosperous and innovative if this happens.

I’m a truck driver, so I see this happening first hand. In the lower 48, most employers hire visa holders, bringing in millions of dollars per week while wages have not increased in over a decade. American drivers are getting screwed on loads because “if you don’t take this load paying for 20,000 tons, but it is in fact 40,000 tons, (which uses more fuel and a higher road tax), then a foreign driver will.” Since they do not have to maintain CDL licenses and road taxes, foreign drivers do not have as much overhead as American drivers, living off public assistance instead.

Officially recorded amount of money flowing out of the U.S. in remittances from 1970 to 2012. (PHOTO: IBTIMES/LISA MAHAPATRA)

“More than 20 percent of all the money sent home by immigrants globally originated in the United States, more than any other country in the world. People living in the U.S. sent a total $123 billion to friends and family living in other countries”

Where Does The United States’ Immigrant Workforce Come From, And How Much Money Are They Sending Home? [CHARTS]

Please don’t misunderstand me! My support goes out to individuals and families who LEGALLY immigrate to the United States, working towards becoming part of this grand experiment in freedom and becoming a citizen. It is not acceptable to use immigration to milk the United States taxpayers. Providing immigrants with opportunities that aren’t available to Americans hurts our country, especially our minority communities.

Violence was committed against immigrants in minority neighborhoods because of the above issue, and I do not agree with violence committed against anyone. Most stores in our minority communities are owned by immigrants, visa holders, because they have opportunities that Americans don’t have. This causes conflict. Although black neighborhoods want black business owners, those opportunities don’t exist. The US government even squanders economic development grants for citizens by giving them to people who don’t qualify over those who are minorities.

“They forced many businesses to close for good during Covid. Mostly mom and pop businesses, local beauty salons and barbers. All due to Covid funds set up specifically for these businesses being squandered.”

‘Biggest fraud in a generation’: The looting of the Covid relief program known as PPP

America First means putting Americans first, giving them the chance to build their own businesses. We must take a long look at what is offered to visa holders compared to these same opportunities being offered to Americans. Let’s focus on Americans being prosperous and American businesses receiving a ten-year tax-free period! The billions of dollars being sent out of the United States by these immigrants, legal or illegal, is crippling our economy. Money made here in the United States but not circulated back into the United States is a recipe for disaster.

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