Every great leader is born already possessing certain traits that will enable them to rise and lead on instinct.

There are those that say I’m not made to be a politician.

I have to say if we are measuring by today’s politicians; they are right. 

What is the role of government? Well, let’s see. The United States government is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. Separation of powers ensures independence. Alaska’s government is also divided into three branches: the Executive, comprising the Governor and state agencies; the Legislative, comprising the House and Senate; and the Judiciary.

Have I followed politics throughout my life? Nope. 

Senators represent the will of the people in legislative sessions by relying on information from constituents to decide and vote accordingly. Does anything in that last sentence resemble rocket science? No, but it requires a backbone to stand strong in the representation of constituents rather than sell them out to special interest. 

Our elected officials enjoy the power they gain from their jobs in Alaska (and nationwide). It’s a job that should be humbling, but now it’s a hierarchy of power and money. It’s all about favors. They will either enable small businesses to prosper or tax and regulate them out of existence to make way for big box stores and imported goods. While pointing fingers at parents for not keeping quiet and questioning those who see themselves as “the authority”, they fund systems that tragically fail constituents’ children. 

Senator Gary Stevens has endorsed Senator Lisa Murkowski

A political class has designed Alaska to serve their power structure, not the Constitution, and not the actual job description. Special interest groups and non-profits are granted millions of dollars, while wages remain low, forcing constituents to rely on public assistance. Taking power from Alaskans and rewarding drug addiction and criminals with disability (SSDI), slowly breaking their spirit one by one. There are many Alaskans who have experienced homelessness, yet the state is the wealthiest in the country. There is no chance in this. It is by design. It is he who controls the jobs who controls the wages.  

Rather than fishing and foraging for food for the long winter, they expect Alaskans to work for big-box stores. They expect to work us for $10.34 an hour, pay taxes, and if that’s not enough, you can work two full-time jobs so you can pay rent and electric, but you’re still gonna have to go on public assistance or not eat. These are the choices our elected officials and their special interest have left 20% of the workforce. 

What do we have?

  • Fishing industry 
  • Mining
  • Oil/gas
  • Medical industry 
  • Police/Fire
  • Education 
  • Government 

Ok, they took oil/gas because of the green new bullshit. Mining is next. Can’t be making money for the USA, only foreign investors, and then the fishing industry will be handed over to China (time to cut out the middleman).

So let’s see, what does that leave us for good-paying jobs?

  • Medical
  • Education
  • Police/Fire
  • Government 

So now do you get it? 

  • Alaska needs to be energy independent, not only in oil/gas but also in mining materials. 
  • Alaska should be as self-sustainable as possible, growing our own produce, selling our own fish, raising our own cattle, buying from local butchers.  
  • The people’s portion of the PFD is to be left alone and given to citizens to help grow local economies.
  • The public education system is failing our students in curriculum, while forcing ideological stances and social issues on them.

I’M YOUR GUY! I will do what you send me to Juneau to do: Represent YOUR voice! I will STAND for your jobs, your PFD, your livelihoods, and your children. My voice is yours. I am not the Establishment, and will do everything in my power to hold those accountable for the destruction they’ve caused on Alaskans and our way of life. 

I have one job: Represent You!

1 thought on “Every great leader is born already possessing certain traits that will enable them to rise and lead on instinct.”

  1. Key word in your title is leader.
    There are current as well as past “elected representatives” who think they are leaders. Couldn’t be further from the truth, I’m willing to bet they don’t know the definition. Sad…
    A leaders “leads” from the front! They don’t make their people do things they themselves aren’t willing to do or haven’t done.
    A true leader takes out his own garbage.

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