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It was a PLANdemic: China lied, People died!

Nursing homes, hospitals, and even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all mishandled the recent plandemic. The whole thing would have been laughable if it was not for the pain and death that was caused by the United States taking orders from a non-medical bureaucrat at the World Health Organization—an institution which has high hopes of controlling all countries’ medical facilities in the future. 

Media companies, Big Tech, the WHO, and the CDC are working together to spread false narratives, to deny lifesaving treatments, and to murder hundreds of thousands of Americans as a result. Moreover, they profit from the sale of a vaccine which was only recently approved by the FDA for our children to participate in this experiment too!

William Topel, victim of the PLANdemic. Photo credit to Alaska Watchman, Funeral on Friday for Anchorage man who was denied Ivermectin at Providence

A number of businesses have closed, children have lost their education, and now are forced to wear masks knowing they pose a more significant danger than benefit. As compared to other states, Alaska did better than many of them. Yet our hospitals are still not operating at full capacity, pulling in millions in Cares Act money, while charging absorbent prices. People are afraid of hospitals because they refuse to give them lifesaving treatments.

The PLANdemic response to the China virus has changed our lives forever!

We cannot let it get us down. We’ve learned valuable lessons from the events that have taken place around us. Alaskans have learned that we have to be self-sustainable. We must advance the ability to grow our own food. We must make it easier on our dairy farmers, expand our farmers markets, open up fish markets to the public, and start growing our cattle industry. 

We need to start advancing herbal medicine and midwife clinics throughout the state so that we do not have to rely on big-pharma. We can fix what has been broken, and we can return Alaska to the place it was meant to be. This is a place where people come to live in harmony with nature and gain valuable life lessons. Alaska is where families thrive and life is celebrated, with opportunities for growth, while keeping her natural beauty and resources in balance. 

People are moving into our state from other states, such as Washington, Oregon, and California, bringing their political ideologies with them—the ideologies that have destroyed their states. Many have found that they could move to Alaska, to an island, to an isolated community, and it wouldn’t cost them a dime. They don’t have to hunt and fish, they don’t have to trap, they’re not learning survival skills. This is because they can live off the state rather than be concerned with finding work or sustaining themselves on with their own means.

Sen. Johnson on SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England.

There is no doubt in Alaskans’ minds that this cannot be sustained for much longer. Add to that the fact that we are bringing in thousands of illegal immigrants from the southern border, Ukraine, and Afghanistan, and immediately placing them on public assistance. We are witnessing a decline in the work force of our state. At the same time, the government is becoming bigger and more powerful, taxing and regulating our small businesses to the point of causing them to be forced out of business. 

In the coming weeks and months, you will need a senator who is strong—a fighter and a warrior. I may not be a politician, but my time in the military taught me many things. I know it prepared me for today’s race. I will protect the Alaskan people. I will always put Alaska First, and I would never allow a tyrannical government to control the people, as they did during this plandemic, ever again. They’ll have to get through me, to get to you.

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