Understanding the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) score and how it’s being used to cause major disruptions in our supply chain.

As we see many countries facing food shortages, a lack of clean drinking water, and failing electric grids, we may wonder, how did we get to where we are now?

“An organisation’s ESG score is, simply put, a numerical measure of how it is perceived to be performing on a wide range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics.”

Alva Group: What is an ESG score and how is it calculated?

Many of us have wondered why corporations have shifted their business practices to reflect the “woke” culture, but a very quick search leads us to “The Great Reset”, the response of the World Economic Forum (WEF) to the China Virus Plandemic, even if it was planned long before the pandemic hit. You can learn more about the WEF’s Great Reset here.

ESG scores are calculated based on how an organization or government performs in relation to the WEF’s standards. WEF basically wants to get rid of sovereign nations, create a One World Government, financial institutions, and security all based on climate change.

Controlling the world’s resources and population is their goal!

Not the market, but ESG scores drive loan decisions. If they want to borrow money from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) or many other financial institutions who are adopting these policies, they must have a good ESG score or bust! As you might imagine, this started during the China virus, beginning with smaller countries that were more desperate for funds. According to the WEF, what contributes to the rapid collapse of countries?

Carbon Emissions…

To qualify for all of this new Great Reset money, loan applicants were instructed to lower their carbon emissions. Sadly this was done through greed. The production of gas and oil was stopped in many countries. The domino effect that occurred with once prosperous nations and states with high fuel prices, oil gas shortages. This was not just the oil and gas industry shut down, but fertilizer was rationed, some completely eliminated in order to lower countries ESG scores affecting food production. No gas or oil to run farm equipment, no fertilizer to grow crops.

It is this process that’s going to lead to the destruction of nations and states by the World Economic Forum during the Great Reset. By shutting down vital industries, such as oil and gas, nation states may achieve a lower ESG score, and get access to liquidity. However, will they ever be able to repay that loan without those crucial industries and resources? IMF now controls them due to WEF climate standards.

Are you seeing the connections?

I hope I have explained this well enough. There are links to give you further information. It’s imperative to know what’s happening because we see those working towards these same standards in America calling it “The Green New Deal”. Our oil and gas production has been shut down on all federal lands, cutting oil and gas production down around 3/4 in some States, including Alaska. Thus, incentivizing electric cars. They’re preparing to discourage the use of cash and demand the use of electronic payment methods–methods they can track. Just watch for these “Woke” corporations pushing this agenda. They are working on their ESG score. Trying to replace shareholder capitalism.

Glenn Beck said, ”Under the “environmental, social, and governance” score system, companies will no longer make decisions based on what you, the consumer, want. Now, it’s all about what those in power deem society should want. And it’s not just businesses that are affected”.

This next link is probably one of the top 3 write ups on why the ESG score is bad, the short explanations I gave hopefully gave you an idea of why Alaskans need to be aware of what Biden and his clan are trying to sell in the United States, especially in Oil and Gas rich states.

Understanding why ESG Scores are Bad – Lobbyists for Citizens

What happens if banks don’t lend money for oil/gas exploration because they don’t want to affect their nation state’s ESG score and our federal lands are closed off to oil extraction?

Oddly enough, the Alaska Native Council lobbied Goldman Sachs to stop financing oil because of climate change. I think that dive is for another blog post. Again, hopefully this gives you a better understanding of why Alaska must reject this ESG score, reject the WEF, IMF and reject global governance. Alaska must protect its sovereignty, keep drilling on state lands, and most importantly? Make sure her people are protected from forces that are not kind to them!

Alaska Natives Get Goldman Sachs to Stop Funding Arctic Drilling

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